Open-Sourced Android

Exploring what you can do with android has becoming quite a hobby for me. I love seeing how developers program android apps and how all the classes pull together to generate that polished finish product.

As a tech guru from another blog recently said, to code well you need to first read and understand good code. I think I have taken that to heart and I have been trolling the internet on the beast that is google, constantly on the lookout for open-sourced code.

For all your beginner android programmers / hobbyist and the seasoned android veterans, one indispensible resource to have is where open-source developers develop their apps and then upload for people to evaluate. There are some great example apps there and a would-be programmer can definitely learn a lot.

A quick flip through the categories of open-sourced apps on f-droid reveals some real gems hiding away in between the mass of apps. There are open-sourced apps for messaging (“Telegram” which bears a striking resemblance to Whatsapp), for internet browsing (“Lightning”) and even blogging (“WordPress”). These apps are professionally developed and feels like something one would actually pay for – thank goodness for open-source!:)

Do you know of any other great open-sourced apps which are great for learning how to code for android? Let us know by leaving a comment below.