Android for Beginners

If you browse the internet for android coding stuff, you will find a ton of documentation written in high-level gobblegobble that sometimes doesn’t make a lot of sense.

That’s probably because android docs and tutorials, for example, even on the authoritative site, are more targeted at seasoned coders and not really for our mild beginners. Sometimes, you just need someone to do some translation for you on some of the methods android offers so that a beginner, like yourself (and myself, to an extent), can understand.

In the last 8 months where I have been learning android myself, I have made a lot of headway in understanding the code. I have also completed a coursera course on Programming Mobile Applications on Android Handheld Systems which ended in April 2014 and passed that with flying colours.

In the next few posts, I want to share my discoveries with the rest of the world and with all you lovely readers 🙂 – on what I have discovered on my Android Adventures. These posts will be written at a basic level so that beginners can gain a basic understanding of the concepts inside the vast system of Android.

Stay tuned for my Beginners: How-To Guide to Android.



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